Jessica Franko - editor-in-chief

Jessica is a 4th year Global Development and Political Studies Medial. She hopes to help the journal continue to operate with inclusivity, accountability and integrity at its core. She joined AJIS because she sees immense value in creating space for the celebration of diverse Indigenous cultures, and encouraging learning journeys towards allyship and solidarity. She hopes to encourage and promote these values and give students the tools they need to take new knowledge and perspectives with them outside of the Queen’s setting.


Rachel Agnew - Content and consultation coordinator

Rachel is in her 3rd year studying Global Development. As the Content and Consultation coordinator, Rachel hopes to provide a transparent platform for the Indigenous voices of our community. AJIS strives to foster a traditional community within academics, while re-writing the settler narrative often imposed upon Indigenous studies.



ZACH Grant - Editorial board Member

Zach Grant is a 4th year student completing a medial in French Language and Global Development Studies. His academic interests in languages, cultures and development-related topics led him to join AJIS as an Editorial Board Member. With AJIS, he hopes to increase the discourse of Indigenous issues on campus and emphasize the importance of centralizing Indigenous voices to resolve them.

adrian kuchtaruk - editorial board member

Adrian is in his 4th year studying Biology. He got involved with AJIS to learn more about Indigenous studies and be a part of a journal that allows students to express themselves through multimedia work. He believes that this journal gives the Queen’s community a resource to learn more about Indigenous topics and delve into Canada's history.

Jonathan Plender - editorial board member

Jonathan is in his fourth year in Political Studies. He joined AJIS because he saw it as a uniquely non-hierarchal group that, by working together, will produce a high quality academic journal, and community events alike. He hopes to use his discipline to provide a political lens to the journal, working within AJIS’s multi-faceted approach to Indigenous studies. He believes that AJIS is more than a journal; it's a club that has great civic outreach seeking to work side-by-side with valued members of the greater Indigenous community.

cynthia sedlezky - editorial board member

Cynthia is in her second year studying psychology. She believes that AJIS functions as a step in the right direction to creating a bigger Indigenous presence on campus. She joined AJIS because she believes that educating ourselves on settler-colonialism is a necessary action which shows our true intentions and goals. She is excited to be with AJIS, helping to work towards promoting a more diverse community and celebrating diverse Indigenous cultures.


lucy bain - events and outreach coordinator

Lucy is a 4th year Global Development Major. She believe that AJIS offers a platform for students to share their ideas and engage with new perspectives regarding Indigenous Studies. She hopes to help students engage with difficult topics through events, and to create a safe and welcoming space that fosters discussion and personal growth. She hopes that AJIS’s presence on campus will continue to expand and will act as a tool for students to explore and learn about Indigenous issues in Canada and on campus.

kyleea jodouin - events and outreach coordinator

Kyleea is a 3rd year Sociology Major. She believes that AJIS gives the opportunity for others to understand and connect with the various topics of Indigenous Studies. In joining AJIS, she hopes to expand her own knowledge on these topics while working on the journal. She hopes to foster and create a place where students feel comfortable to engage with diverse interests in Indigenous studies.

alex coburn - student liaison

Alex is a 4th year history student. He believes that AJIS offers exposure to the experiences and stories held by Indigenous peoples, which Canadians are often unaware of. AJIS helps to amplify these stories. Alex hopes to further diversify and expand the current understanding of Indigenous topics in education, and build strong relationships with AJIS’s partners.