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The ASUS Journal of Indigenous Studies seeks to provide an inclusive and productive platform for undergraduate students of diverse backgrounds to discuss colonialism and settler-colonialism in Canada, as well as the many cultural, political, and social facets of Indigenous life. AJIS seeks to encourage critical discussion on Indigenous affairs, and give both Indigenous and non-Indigenous students a chance to engage in topics that enhance their academic perspectives.



Gimaakwe Gichi-giknoomaagegamig atemagad Naadowe miinwaa Anishinaabe aking.

Ne Queen’s University e’tho nońwe nikanónhsote tsi nońwe ne Haudenasaunee tánon Anishinaabek tehatihsnónhsahere ne óhontsa.    

ASUS acknowledges that Queen's University is situated on Anishinaabe and Haudenosaunee territory. AJIS recognizes that land recognition is only a small part of disrupting colonial structures. AJIS affirms the covenants made by our forbears to live in peace and friendship with Indigenous peoples on their lands. What is your relationship to this territory?